The Passages Cordillera project, Valparaíso, invites to distinguish the crucial importance of mobility, in the use of the city by the habitants and improve it empirically through small-scale urban improvement interventions at strategic points, recognized by the habitants, where it’ll be may achieve to revalue certain spaces of transition, as new sites, in which to make converge the daily life of the communities, favoring the connections between the metropolitan scale and the neighborhood scale.

At the framework of International and itinerant exhibition PASSAGES, ESPACES DE TRANSITION POUR LA VILLE DU 21è° SIECLE” (Passages, Spaces of Transition for the City of 21° CENTURY) staging in the Valparaíso Cultural Park (PCdV) during 2016, with the theme: PASAGGES in Valparaíso, an international competition of urban design projects is organized in 2017, to contribute to the exhibition, with a local vision which to contrast the cases presented and developed globally in that sample.

The project is particularly associated with Cordillera Mountain, one of the 42 hills of Valparaíso, as a representative sample, understanding that Valparaíso has a complex geography because of its situation essentially on the slope: The topography of the hills, the singularity of the stairs, the elevators and the natural boundaries between the hills, turn this project “Passages Cordillera” into a crucial challenge for access to urban flows and services of all its habitants.


Apply to the Passages Cordillera competition and participate in the urban improvement of Valparaiso!


Video 1: Introduction Seminar to “Passages Cordillera”, carried out in January 2017.


Video 2: Knowledge Meeting with the Cordillera mountain neighbors, realized in April 2017.

More photos of the knowledge encounter, with the Cordillera hill neighbors.