Institute pour la Ville en Mouvement

Its purpose is to accompany the mutations of urban mobility in the world and contribute to the development of a culture of mobility that combines knowledge and pleasure of movement in the city.

Cultural Park of Valparaíso

Is a device of local cultural development, in which the different artistic and cultural expressions of the region converge, associating with the community and identifying with the environment. The creation of the Cultural Park responds as a successful example, to the proposal of a type of passage, and producing an intervention at different scales, is inserted in the middle of the neighborhood, with a City scale infrastructure.

Space Santa Ana

The Corporation: “Capilla Santa Ana“, composed of a large human group that has been constituted as a function of community work, composed by artists, neighbors, professionals, social leaders and children, proposes the recovery of spaces and citizen participation within a local development.

Architecture UTFSM

The Architecture Department of the Universidad Santa María, carried out in 2015 a workshop framed in the “Passages” program, applied to Cerro Cordillera as the first proposal, in order to develop a methodological strategy to “territorialize” the main ideas-force Of “Passages” (reinforcement of the right to the city, the construction of connectivity on a human scale and of the small scale, which changes everything, etc.) in the Cerro Cordillera, not from a “From above” -down) that imposes actions in the place, but from practices more “bottom-up” and inlcusives, that identify the actors and processes existing in him and give them appropriate framework and sustenance.


“Unpostponable Dialogues”

The XX Architecture and Urbanism Biennial is an initiative of the Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile in collaboration with the Association of Architecture Offices and the Network of Architecture and Urbanism Schools in Chile.